Tuesday, February 11, 2020

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File:The word संस्कृत (Sanskrit) in Sanskrit.jpg
Sanskrit written in Sanskrit: Wikipedia Commons

Hello VagaBuddies!
Excited to have you all review my blog: Sanskrit in the Indian Epics


  1. Hello Daniel.
    I think it is a really cool idea to bring attention to Sanskrit words and give a definition of some of them at the beginning of your story. Language is a huge part of the culture of a place and I think this will give you the opportunity to show that really well. I also found the back and forth Bhagiratha does between the two gods funny to read (maybe that was not the intention but it reminded me of the back and forth my siblings and I do with my parents).
    I do wonder why you didn't include Bhagiratha's name especially since you mention thinking about it. You can keep the majority of the words you introduce as general ones but then have one with each story that I more directly related to the story. You could even use it as a hint as to what the story is about to hook the reader. Like with explaining Bhagiratha's name the reader may wonder why they are called that. I also wonder, is the way he prays to the two gods different? Or is it the same? I know the time spans were different but what about the form of worship/prayer? You could think about adding some more details to vividly paint a picture in the reader's mind.

  2. Hi Daniel,
    I think the origin story of the Ganges river is a great topic to write on! You're very write. The story is culturally and religiously important to the people of India. Of course the holiest river in India means a lot to the people. The gods often use people on Earth as their pawns to conduct their bidding when they run into problems. This story about Bhagiratha was no exception haha.
    The language of Indian Epics are loaded with meaning, context, and history, and translating that is difficult for a reader.
    I am glad you defined the technical words so that the reader could translate the language much easier. This very helpful to the audiences to lessen the burden of learning the meaning of words. This allows the reader to focus more on the content of you r story which is what you want. I think this story is a great start to your portfolio!